Okotoks and South Trail driving education and our clients or students will be ruled and governed in following regulation, please read carefully and accept the bottom
In class training
The course consists of 15 hours of in class theory training which includes the final in class test. New classes begin every month, and held on Saturday and Sunday or in's 5 pmto Classes will be held at 105, 11500 29 St SE If you should happen to miss a class or a portion of a class, you may make up the time in a future class the following month at no extra charge. The final in class test has a passing mark of 80%. If you do not pass the test on your first attempt, it may be re-written at a later date.
On-road training
IMPORTANT information before booking your first on-road session:
. You must have your beginners'class 7 license.
. Your course balance must be paid in full or have an arranged payment plan in place.
. Lessons are held with one student only.
. All lessons are Video and Audio recorded.
All mobile device must be turned off before entering the classroom or in car training.
To get a course completion certificate a student must achieve 80% and above for in class room lesson and 75% and above in car training.
Okotoks and South Trail driving education is not responsible for your road test result and booking your road exam with the registry..
Okotoks and South Trail driving education may cancel a class room or in car lesson for the following reasons; very bad weather conditions, if instructor is sick, if the cars are not in good condition to train, if accident occur during the training.
If the student is influenced by drugs, alcohol, has weapons or violent behaviour. Okotoks and South Trail driving school instructor will not take student for training and no refund will be given for that lesson or for a complete discharge and termination.
Okotoks and South Trail driving education instructors have a responsibility to train all students professionally, they will do their best to explain all the traffic rules and regulations, however if the student is unable to follow instruction and is incapable to improve in their performance or is not practicing as required as per students evaluation copy and or require to take extra lessons or pulled over by enforcement agency (police officer) it will be students responsibility to deal with the matter. 
Okotoks and South Trail driving education reserves the right to cancel road lessons and not issue a course completion certificate if the above conditions are not met. 
All students must present their learner license to the instructors, but for any reason if the student couldn't produce their learner license prior to the training, Okotoks and South Trail driving education will cancel the training and refund will not be given. 
You must have your beginners license with you to begin your on-road training. In this instance, if you do not have it with you, as mentioned above, your instructor will be obligated to cancel/rebook your on-road session for additional fee.
 Full package offered with 10 hours 5 session, at 2 hours per session.  If students requested our vehicles to use for road test, additional time for road test  30 minutes allotted for your final road test for charge of $60 ( if you are ready for road test) which will be performed by an Alberta drivers Examiner.
Please Note: In class sessions must be completed within 2 months of registration date and in car training sessions must be commenced within 2 months of completed in class session and completed on road lessons 1 year by date of registration.
Policy on cancellations (no show)
In the event that you cannot keep your scheduled on-road appointment, you must advise your instructor or Okotoks and South Trail driving Education office 24-48 hours prior to the appointment. Any change to an on-road appointment or meeting point must be arranged 24-48 hours prior to schedule on road session. Requests to change an on-road session with less than 24 hours'notice cannot be guaranteed, however, we will do our best effort to accommodate your request.
If you should fail to advise us of your cancellation or do not show up for your scheduled appointment, a cancellation fee of $69.00 will be administered since this time was reserved for you. It is your instructor's responsibility to remain at the meeting point for 15 minutes after the scheduled appointment time, after which the on-road session is considered as no show. This missed session will be replaced at the end of the already schedule appointments closer to the road test.
You will receive a reminder 1 day by email prior to your next scheduled on-road session Session and 12 hrs prior by SMS. If you are unable to keep your appointment, you may re-schedule for a later date according to your instructors availability.
Your instructor may cancel or re-schedule your on-road session within 24 hours due to illness, personal emergency, weather or road conditions, and unexpected mechanical issues with the vehicle or being delayed by Final RoadTest.
Additional On-Road Sessions
Additional on-road training sessions to improve your driving skills are available at a fee of $120 per session.(2 hour lesson)
Additional Fees
A payment of $35 will apply if a cheque is returned NSF. An administration fee of $6 will be collected for in class handbook.
In-class sessions must be completed within 2 months from registration date. Driving must be commenced and finished within 2 months of in class session. Course will be expired by 1 year from date of registration and will result in restarting the program with new deposit fee.
Private Policy
Okotoks and South Trail driving Education respects the confidentiality of its customer's personal information. All personal information (name, address, telephone numbers and e-mail address) may be used to improve our services and to build better customer relationships. Information regarding a customer's driver's licenses and course records may be provided to appropriate government agencies (AlbertaDrivers program) for certification purposes. By providing us this information, you have consented to these uses and disclosures. This information may be used from time to time to communicate with our customers, to send out offers, surveys or marketing materials. We do not share your personal information with anyone without your consent at any time unless we are required by law to do so. In such case, we will release personal information only to the extent required.
I understand and agreed to this terms and condition,  
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