Bronze Package (In-Class)

This package is the minimum requirement by the Ab Transportation for the course completion certificate. This is also the minimum requirement by Insurance Companies for a cost reduction.
This package consists of (10hrs) 5- 2hrs sessions and in class or online 15 hrs.
On road lessons are always with one student only.
Pick-ups and drop offs are as you booked.
This package is recommended for students with 15-20hrs or more of driving experience during the learning period. (Class 7 GDL)
Lessons are Audio interior and exterior Video recorded for security purpose.
Lesson-1, 2hrs.
A-   Driving the student into a large parking lot. (School yard, community yard or church yard)
B-    Do a vehicle inspection counter clock starting from front driver side.
C-    Interior inspection, basic habits, Show signals, headlights, wipers, 4ways,
      e-brake, horn etc.
D-   Practice parking between two yellow lines. Practice backing from parking spot.     Explain travelling through a parking lot.
E-    Let the student practice and getting used to the vehicle.
F-    This should take 45minutes or less.
G-   If student shows a good driving performance in parking lot then student proceeds in a quiet resident and starts taking instructions.
Lesson-2, 2hrs.
A-   Student drives to the registry and a brief explanation of what the examiner will be doing before and during the road exam.
B-    A summary of a driving record (Abstract) is shown and explained the convections, demerit points, consequences and the importance of not getting a traffic violation in their future.
C-    Instructor will now show what the student needs to pass the exam. Hill parking, parallel, left and right turns, speed control, steering control, school and play grounds zones, lane changing and so much more.
D-   Controlled and uncontrolled intersections.
Lesson-3, 1.5hrs.(optional)
A-   Highway practice, Identifying the north, eye lead time, identifying signs and lines, type of highway, intersections, how to handle curves in summer and winter.
B-    Questioning passing or not the legalities. Speed limits on the three different highways. Multi-lane roadways
C-    An in depth conversation about how to handle friends and other passengers when it gets out of control (party in vehicle) and the possible consequences. Parents trust and concerns.
D-   This lesson would be towards Brag Creek or High River for students from Okotoks and South Calgary .
Lesson-4, 2.5hrs.(optional)
A-   Downtown Calgary, Identifying the north, Identifying two way and one way intersections, left and right dual turns, left parallel, hill parking, Bus zones, loading zones, no parking signs, Identifying no left or right turns on red light.
B-    Downtown Calgary or elsewhere it’s always a new challenge and very intense.
A-   Should be given a day or two before road exam or the day of road exam 2hrs prior with car rental. The student will feel more confident using the same car for the test. (Please discuss with instructor).
B-    A refresher of all the practices the student has taken over the pass lessons and what the examiner would be looking at in order to pass.
At Okotoks and Southtrail Driving Education, yes getting the class 5 GDL is a huge accomplish and responsibility for the student but above all is to have these new drivers to be safe, courteous and professional on the roads and highways of Alberta.
Please don’t text and drive carefully.

Discounted price CAD $675 Regular CAD $715 + GST
Locations :
Okotoks Driving Education, South Trail, South Point, McKenzie and South Calgary
Number of In-Class Sessions:
Number of Behind The Wheel Sessions:
Timings :
Wednesdays to Sundays- 10:30, 1:00, 3:30, 6:00
Behind-the-wheel session :
One on one session scheduling available upon booking